The No.1 Best Waste Removal London

Are you looking for waste removal London? If so, you’re on the right platform at the right time with the right professionals. A&C Clearances is one of the top waste removal companies in the UK providing waste removal London. No matter the type of waste, the amount of the garbage, or even the storage, Our clearance teams have the experience to ensure your place remains as clean as possible.

Besides the ‘Man and Van’ services, we also offer skips and skip bags in various sizes. Therefore even if you are refurbishing your house, clearing your office, or even landscaping the garden, we have a readymade solution for waste removal London.

Why should you choose us for waste removal London?


A&C clearances Ltd is known for its cost-effective prices. We charge what we are sure you can afford. Remember, we are helping each other, we need you, and you need us. We can’t overcharge you because we want you to know that A&C Clearances Ltd is the only place you have for your waste management in London.

Environmental friendly waste management solutions

We are extremely cautious when it comes to the environment. Most of our waste is recycled. We rarely burn our waste, and also we also don’t dump anyhow. We follow all the protocols before we leave. Besides, if we have collected usable stuff, we give it to the less privileged. For example, if your chair is in good condition, we take it to children’s home.

We are insured

It must be noted that we are a fully insured waste removal company. This means that you should not worry about yourself in case anything happens on the way. If the goods are worth #10 000 and above, they are covered.

Quality, quality, quality

Nowadays, everybody claims to be a waste remover, but how many of them provide quality services? How many many of them have trained and qualified technicians? How many of them will leave your property without single damage? The answer is straightforward, none. That is, A&C Clearances is the cream in this industry. Our workforce is rigorously trained, and they acquired tremendous experience in as much as waste clearing is concerned. With us, your property is safe.

Which services do we provide besides Waste Removal London?

We provide two categories of services, household, and commercial.

Household Services

  • Sofa clearance
  • Bathroom clearance
  • Kitchen clearance
  • Shed clearance
  • Flat clearance
  • Cellar clearance
  • Apartment clearance
  • Basement clearance
  • Waste clearance
  • House clean and clear
  • Cleaning services
  • garage clearance
  • home clearance
  • Removals
  • Deliveries
  • Storage

Commercial services

  • Warehouse emptying
  • Probate clearance
  • Cleaning services
  • Office clearing Boxes delivered at your place
  • Nursing home clearances
  • Clearance of damaged properties
  • Food damaged properties clearance
  • Office to office moves
  • Cleaning and clearing services
  • Ground management
  • Property clearance
  • Building waste clearance
  • Metal clearance
  • Removals
  • Deliveries
  • Storage

About us

We are a family-owned business with extensive experience in all domestic, probate, and commercial cleaning services. We are very personal and professional in our company. This is the reason why we provide quality services that are second to none. If you want to know more, or to get a quote, please contact us.

Waste Removal London